High Resolution Wireless Headset

The Ultimate Noise Cancelling Experience

Design Concept

VOCA MAX Flagship Collection

No matter working or entertainment, we aim to provide a headphone with cooling earpad to support all-day comfort wearing and outstanding phone call experience to support high quality communication.

VOCA MAX Flagship Collection

Design Concept

Office On The Go

One Device fits all your business needs

Ambient Sound Cancelling

Clear Conversation Audio Quality

Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling vs Multiple Hear Through Modes

So Smart, So Smooth

Ambient Sound

Auto Adjustment for Level and Mode

Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

Real-time Ambient Sound Detection
Auto Adjustment on Noise Cancellation Level

Different from the common stuffy feeling of other noise-cancelling headset, VOCA MAX, with adaptive active noise-cancelling technology, adjusts the noise-cancellation level automatically to balance with ambient sounds, and attenuates dizziness caused by excessive noise-cancellation in quiet surroundings. With fully automated noise-cancellation and sound balance, VOCA MAX covers comfort and quietness all at once.

Multiple Hear 
Through Mode

Choose What You Want to Hear

MyTune APP Exclusive Setting

7 Modes / Stepless Control

Perfectly supports every phone call circumstance

Design for Business Conference Call

High Performance Microphone Array

Provide outstanding call experience with precise directivity of microphone recording

Trained with 10 million speech and noise data, the deep learning model of our noise cancellation algorithm enables your conversation to be heard loud and clear, however noisy the environment is.

All your meetings would be as if in quiet environment, wherever you are.

Crystal-Clear Call Audio with Ultimate Noise Reduction

Embedded with Voice Chamber™ exclusive noise reduction technology, provides crystal-clear call audio.

Whispering? No problem

Microphone Recording
Touch to mute

Comfortable even for long duration calls


Stable Connectivity as cable earphones

Thunder Connect™
Bluetooth Transmitter

  • VOCA Special Connection Protocol

    Utmost connection quality

  • Clear dialogues + High quality dual-channel audio / Synchronization Audio Transmission

    Call quality akin to cable phones

  • 30ms Ultra-Low Audio Signal Latency

    E-sports level zero-latency experience

  • Plug and Go

    Compatible with multiple devices, incl. PC, Mac, iPad, PS5, Switch

VOCA Special Connection Protocol
Utmost connection quality

Clear dialogues + High quality dual-channel audio
Synchronization Audio Transmission
Call quality akin to cable phones

30ms Ultra-Low Audio Signal Latency
E-sports level zero-latency experience

Plug and Go
Compatible with multiple devices, incl. PC, Mac, iPad, PS5, Switch

Overwhelming, as if LIVE

Exclusive XROUND Lite™ Reality Surround Sound

VOCA MAX is equipped with patented XROUND Lite™ surround sound technology that simulates audio dynamics into 3D sound field, reproducing full depth and breadth of panoramic surround sound that engulfs users into VR immersive experience.

Brand New Upgrade

TailorID™ 2.0 Personalized Sound Profile

VOCA MAX is quipped with TailorID™ 2.0, an independent measurement that calibrates your left/right ear hearing senses according to individual ear features, personalizing your exclusive audio experience, and refining the sound quality more delicately and accurately.

MyTune App is embedded with multiple EQ equalizers for you to choose the most fitting sound experience.

Multiple EQ Equalizer Settings

LDAC, Hi-Res Wireless, Gold-Plated Driver

Wireless Hi-Res sound quality

LDAC supports up to 990kbps wireless transmission bitrate. VOCA True Wireless Earphone presents almost lossless sound quality.


Hi-Res Certification

No matter connected with wire or bluetooth, VOCA MAX supports Hi-Res audio to provide best sound quality

Supreme Sound Quality

Premium 40mm Lightweight
High-Polymer Gold-Plated Driver

CCAW lightweight voice coil and the high ductility of gold-plating enables higher accuracy in instant reflection, audio phase and transient state balance, providing delicate and authentic high quality sound performance.

Top Stability and Audio Quality You can have it all

Flagship BT5.3 Next-Gen chip
LE Audio Ready

Brand new BT5.3 flagship bluetooth chip provides class-1 bluetooth connection stability, which runs smoothly with multiple XROUND patent algorithms, and is expected to be upgraded to the LE Audio next-gen bluetooth protocol with future firmware updates.

Memory Foam Inside
Cooling Earpad

All Day Wearing?
No problem!

Be it daily commute, virtual meetings, or game-plays, we may wear our earphones up to 2-3 hours at once. To meet the needs for long hour usage, the comfortable design of XROUND earplugs adjusts the sound outlet at the most ergonomically fitting angle of 60.2 degree, and minimizes its size 30% smaller than AERO, to provide everyone with comfortable wearing experience for long duration.

Best Acoustics with
Ergonomically Adaptive Design

Best Acoustics with
Ergonomically Adaptive Design

Regardless of daily commuting, joining an online meeting, or even playing games, headphone are often used for over 4-5 hours per day.

In order to meet the need of long-hours using, VOCA MAX is filled with noise reduction memory foam inside the earpads and headband. With better passive sound insulation, VOCA MAX also provides soft and comfortable fitting to support with long hours wearing.

Skin-friendly and cooling

Mixed Fiber Fabric

The contact surface between the earpads and the skin is made of mixed fiber cooling fabric, which can effectively reduce the feeling of stuffiness and discomfort when wearing the headphone, making it more comfortable to wear for a long time

Never disconnected with your VOCA MAX

Wired / Wireless Connection

Even if running out of battery, VOCA MAX provides a 3.5mm wired cable for connection, do not worry about that you may have to drop out from a meeting or stop enjoying music due to no power.

Swift Switch between Laptop and Mobile

One-to-Two Connection

Put on, Take off?

In-Ear Detection

Extremely Long Battery Life
Keeps You Powered

Total Power Duration


Qi Wireless Charging

Bluetooth Version Bluetooth® 5.3, Class 1
Bluetooth Codec SBC、AAC、LDAC、LC3 Ready
Bluetooth Profile Support AVRCP1.6 / HSP1.2 / HFP1.7 / A2DP1.3.1 / LE Audio Ready
Ambient Sound Control Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling, Multi-scene Transparency Modes for different environments
Driver 40mm Gold-Plated Driver
Driver Sensitivity 108 dB
Frequency Response 20 - 40,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ω
In-Ear Detection Y
Microphone 5*ECM
※Voice Chamber™ Reduce Background Noises, Crystal-Clear Conversation
Wireless Range 15m / Up to 80m in the barrier-free space
Battery Life 40 hours
※Battery life tested in 50% volume with AAC codec, ANC mode ON
Aux In 3.5mm Headphone Jack
※When using 3.5mm headphone jack to connect VOCA MAX with your device, VOCA MAX will automatically powered-off and cannot support active functions like ANC, transparency mode and XROUND Lite™ surround sound.
Charging Type Input:USB-C
Weight 240g

*The following instructions are for the default settings, and the touch commands can be configured in the "XROUND MyTune" App.