Our mission is to find the right sound for you. By constantly innovating sound technologies and customizing the user experience, we pride ourselves in redefining sound experience.

XROUND is an audiophile and hearing aid experts founded company specializing in advanced hearing solutions. Leveraging our expertise in DSP innovations, acoustic engineering, and product design, we craft cutting-edge hearing products featuring AI adaptive hearing and self-fitting technology (TailorID Pro), and AI-driven auditory analysis.

We have market-ready hearing aids , assistive listening devices, and active hearing protection solutions. Our commitment to sound perfection and user-focused design has led to highly acclaimed products, enhancing the sound experience for all users.


OTC Hearing Aids

Experience clarity and comfort with our Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids. Designed for seamless integration into your lifestyle, our advanced technology ensures clear sound and customizable settings for personalized hearing enhancement.

OTC Hearing Aids

MyTune Pro APP

Our "HEAR" series hearing aids work seamlessly with the "MyTune Pro" APP, featuring XROUND's TailorIDTM Pro for personalized sound calibration based on individual hearing characteristics. This AI algorithm enhances clarity and comfort across various environments and media types, from ambient sounds to phone calls and streaming content. MyTune Pro also includes specialized modes to reduce background noise and focus on important sounds, offering safety protections against loud noises and feedback. Powered by advanced AI Bluetooth chips, XROUND hearing aids deliver superior performance, truly embodying the next generation of Bluetooth hearing assistance.

MyTune Pro APP

Assistive Listening Device

Immerse yourself in your favorite TV shows with our Assistive Listening TV Headset. Designedfor comfort and clarity, our headset delivers crisp, customized sound directly to yourears, ensuring an immersive viewing experience without disturbing others. Say goodbye to straining to hear dialogue and hello to uninterrupted enjoyment.

Assistive Listening Device

TV Transmitter

Transform your TV into a personalized entertainment hub with our TV Transmitter. Seamlessly stream audio to your preferred headphones or speakers, immersing yourself in crystal-clear sound without disturbing others. Experience the ultimate in home entertainment convenience and freedom.

TV Transmitter

Wireless Microphone

Unleash your creativity with our Wireless Microphone, featuring the Auracast transmitter and receiver in one compact device. Enjoy the freedom of untethered audio capture and seamless connectivity, empowering you to amplify your voice and performances effortlessly.

Wireless Microphone


Imagine being in a room where a speaker or TV can send audio directly to your headphones or hearing aid without needing to connect with wires or individual Bluetooth pairing. That's what Auracast allows. It's a new Bluetooth feature that lets you share and receive audio broadcasts from devices around you, making it easier to hear in public spaces or enjoy personal devices without disturbing others.

LE Audio

This is a new standard of Bluetooth that improves on the old one in almost every way. "LE" stands for Low Energy, meaning it uses less battery life to send audio over Bluetooth. Besides being more power-efficient, it also provides better sound quality and allows for cool features like hearing aid support and Auracast broadcasts, making it a significant upgrade for listening to music, making calls, and using hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity.

“All our hearing aid products can apply both NAL-NL2 and DSL 5 audiology reference prescription”



This is a formula used by audiologists to set up hearing aids. It calculates the best levels of sound for different frequencies (or pitches) to match a person's specific hearing loss. Think of it as a recipe that helps make sure the hearing aid is tailored perfectly to what the individual needs to hear clearly.


Similar to NAL-NL2, DSL 5 is another recipe or formula used to adjust hearing aids.


Hearing Protection

Classic earmuff and the innovative True Wireless Stereo (TWS) design. Experience unparalleled noise reduction and comfort for extended wear in noisy environments. Meanwhile, our TWS earbuds offer seamless integration into your daily life, delivering crystal-clear audio while safeguarding your hearing from harmful noise levels. Embrace protection without compromise with our versatile range of hearing solutions.