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All our "HEAR" series hearing aids can be used with the APP "MyTune Pro," which features the TailorIDTM Pro developed by XROUND. TailorIDTM Pro precisely measures the user's hearing condition based on the biological characteristics of each ear and the hearing status of various frequency bands. Through the AI algorithm - TailorIDTM Pro, it analyzes and calibrates the hearing map and compensates frequency bands, providing users with a clearer and more comfortable hearing enhancement effect.

MyTune Pro
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My Tune Pro Snapshot

TailorIDTM Pro

The TailorIDTM Pro AI algorithm is trained on more than 1 million pieces of hearing measurement data from the TailorIDTM 1.0 and 2.0 versions of XROUND brand headphones over the past few years.Unlike traditional hearing aids, the AI customized hearing mode provided by TailorIDTM Pro can be applied not only to environmental hearing modes, correcting the external sounds you hear, but also can apply the audiogram to music, videos, and other streaming media played on the phone, as well as the sound transmitted by the caller during phone calls, ensuring that any sound emitted through HEAR can be custom calibrated with the TailorIDTM Pro AI hearing mode. MyTune Pro offers multiple assisted hearing filtering modes, effectively reducing environmental noise during high-intensity hearing compen- sation, allowing you to focus more on the sounds you want to hear.

User Scenario

Beam Forming Audio

Beam Forming Audio Technology (Focus Mode) offers unparalleled clarity and focus in sound perception by dynamically adjusting the microphone's sensitivity and directionality, allowing user to concentrate on specific sounds while minimizing background noise. By precisely capturing and amplifying sound from the desired direction, users can effortlessly engage in conversations even in noisy environments, enhancing overall auditory experience.

Audio Mode Intro

Balance Mode

Equally hear the sounds from different directions.

Focus Mode

Enhance sounds coming from the front while reducing surrounding noise.

Our hearing aids provide assisted hearing safety protection technologies, such as resistance to sound spikes, wind noise, and sound feedback, to prevent users from hearing damage.

Hearing inside

XROUND products use hearing aid-level AI Bluetooth chips, which have far greater computing power than ordinary consumer Bluetooth headphones and OTC hearing aids on the market, allowing XROUND's multiple AI assisted hearing algorithms to run smoothly on hearing aids, achieving "Bluetooth hearing aids."

Xround bio AI chip

Reference Prescription


NAL-NL2 is a sophisticated fitting formula developed by the National Acoustic Laboratories for hearing aid prescription. It leverages an individual's audiogram to calculate gain settings across frequencies, aiming to maximize speech intelligibility while maintaining listener comfort. This evidence-based approach adjusts for various levels of hearing loss severity, factoring in the listener's loudness perception to optimize hearing aid performance in diverse acoustic environments.


The fifth iteration of the Desired Sensation Level (DSL) method, DSL 5, stands as a critical tool in audiologic practice for hearing aid fitting, particularly noted for its pediatric applications. It ensures the audibility of the full spectrum of speech sounds, critical for language development in children with hearing impairment. By emphasizing the importance of making softer speech sounds audible without compromising on comfort for louder inputs, DSL 5 supports comprehensive access to auditory information across all ages.



Auracast™ represents a breakthrough in Bluetooth audio sharing technology, enabling public or private audio spaces where users can transmit audio to multiple listeners simultaneously without the traditional pairing complexities. As part of the Bluetooth LE Audio specifications, Auracast™ facilitates inclusive listening experiences in various settings, such as classrooms, conference spaces, and entertainment venues, by allowing hearing aids, cochlear implants, and personal audio devices to connect seamlessly.

LE Audio

LE Audio marks a significant advancement in Bluetooth technology, introducing the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3) for improved efficiency and audio quality. As a comprehensive update, it not only enhances battery life through its low-energy design but also enriches user experience with multi-stream audio and Broadcast Audio, the latter enabling the Auracast™ functionality. LE Audio is set to redefine wireless audio, providing superior performance for all Bluetooth audio devices, including a new generation of hearing aids that offer direct, high-quality streaming.