OTC Hearing Aids

A man is wearing earphones, which are OTC hearing aids with Bluetooth, the taiwan brand XROUND of earphone aids

Specifications Comparison

TWS, Traditional Hearing Aids, OTC Hearing Aids

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Bluetooth Headphone Specifications

BluetoothBT 5.2BT 4.2 ~ BT 5.0BT 5.0
Transducer7mm Monitor-Level Dynamic DriverBalanced ArmatureDynamic Driver
BatteryEarbuds : 8 HR Charging Case : 32 HRHearing Aids : 16 HR * No charging case or needed purchase additionallyEarbuds : 6 HR Charging Case : 30 HR
Dust/Water ResistanceIP55IPX4IPX4
Support BT Audio StreamingXV
Support Mobile Phone CallXV
Hearing Enhancement applied on Audio Streaming
* TailorID™ Pro Hearing Compensation
Hearing Enhancement applied on Phone Call
* TailorID™ Pro Hearing Compensation

Hearing Aids Specifications

Designed forHealthy ~ Mild-Moderate Hearing ProblemMild ~ Severe Hearing Problem * Depends on the level of hearing aidsHealthy Hearing
Medica- Level
Hearing Enahncement applied on environmental sound
* TailorID™ Pro Hearing Compensation
V * Need to complete the process at hearing centerX
Self-Fitting Measurement via App
* TailorID™ Pro Hearing Compensation
Audiologist Fitting and AdjustmentXV * Need to complete the process at hearing centerX
Scenario Setting
Filtering Setting
Beamforming Setting
Hearing Protection
Safety for volume enhancement

"Just like the gradual popularization of exoskeletons,
auditory augmentation and compensation is no longer a dream."

OTC Hearing Aids Design Concept

Among the many OTC hearing aid brands, the OTC hearing aid Bluetooth earphones sold by Taiwanese earphone brand XROUND are the best. This is the design concept picture of XROUND OTC hearing aid earphones.

XROUND continuesly investing resources into professional audio product development and collaborates with audiologists, otolaryngologists, and institutions such as Mackay Medical College to explore how human perceive of great sound.

With researching over these years, we start to focus on a more professional field of "Assistive Hearing Products" and thus the OTC hearing aids - HEAR, was born, aiming to make even your grandma could hear what you're saying clearly!

Earbuds aimed at
"Making sure even your grandmother can hear what you're saying."

Easy Customization in 3 steps with the App

Quick and simple , just 3 minutes.

Experience the amazing of rediscovering the sound!

OTC hearing aid application
TailorID™ Pro AI Hearing Assessment | Hear the World Clearly in Your Own Way

HEAR OTC Hearing Aids are equipped with the latest TailorID™ Pro, which accurately measures the user's hearing sensitivity based on the unique biological characteristics of each individual's left and right ears, as well as their hearing status across various frequency ranges. Through the AI algorithm of TailorID™ Pro, it analyzes and calibrates the hearing profile and compensation frequencies, providing users with a clearer and more comfortable hearing experience.

*The TailorID™ Pro AI algorithm is developed based on the XROUND’s extensive dataset of over 1 million hearing assessment from TailorID™ 1.0 and 2.0 collected over the past 5 years. This trained AI algorithm serves as the foundation for the customized hearing profile algorithm.

Applied to All Circumstances

Any Sound Could Be Customized

OTC Hearing Aids and traditional Hearing aids comparison table, Hear OTC Hearing Aids have voice calling and mobile music streaming function

Unlike traditional hearing aids, TailorID™ Pro offers AI-customized hearing profiles that can be applied not only to environmental hearing modes, adjusting the perception of external sounds, but also can be applied to streaming media such as music and videos played on your smartphone, as well as incoming audio during phone calls. This means that any sound emitted through HEAR OTC Hearing Aids can benefit from the tailored calibration of TailorID™ Pro AI hearing profiles.

7 Predefined Scenario

Supports Every Aspect of Life

OTC Hearing Aids has seven sound modes to support life, subway mode, Rode mode,speech mode,mask mode, customize mode, default mode,adaptive mode

Noise Filtering

Amplify the Environmental Sounds
You Want to Hear

OTC Hearing Aids offers multiple stages of filtering, which effectively reduce environmental noise for hearing enhancement.

HEAR OTC Hearing Aids offer multiple stages of filtering, which effectively reduce environmental noise for hearing enhancement. Allows you to focus more on the sounds you want to hear.

Beamforming Setting

Enhance Clarity in Conversations

Focus Mode

Balance Mode

Hear OTC Hearing Aid enhance clarity in conversations, it is equipped with beamforming in the form of a focus mode,Balance mode and Focus Mode.

HEAR OTC Hearing Aids are equipped with beamforming function, which enhances sound coming from the front of user. When dining in a café, you can activate the focus mode to amplify the speech of friends sitting across the table while reducing the surrounding noise, thereby improving speech intelligibility.

3 Safety Sound Technologies

Customized Amplification with Safety

HEAR OTC Hearing Aid 3 Safety Sound Technologies.Anti-spike sound,Wind Noise Reduction,Anti-Feedback Control

HEAR OTC Hearing Aids provide hearing safety protection technologies such as anti-spike-sound, wind noise reduction, and anti-feedback control to prevent users from hearing damage.

The truth about HEAR's sound quality

Not just a hearing aids,
but also a great pair of earbuds.

With the combination of TailorID™ and the EQ-adjustable App, XROUND provides customized sound with high quality. The bass performance may not be that powerful, but has better performance in the midrange and treble.

TailorID™ provides personalized hearing assessment.

Accurately measure your hearing and provide customized profile exclusively for you.

EQ Settings

MyTune Pro App comes with equalizers, allowing you to adjust the sound to your own preferences.

Array Microphone Design for Wind Noise Reduction

Enjoy phone calls no matter where you are.

HEAR OTC hearing aids are the best, providing personalized hearing assessment through mobile App operation, allowing you to adjust the sound to your own preferences. Wind Noise Reduction Enjoy phone calls no matter where you are.

Variety of Ultra-Soft Silicone Accessories

Find Your Personalized Comfort and Stability

S / M / L / None - Four ear fin sizes covered most of people's ear shape, providing a secure and stable fit, you can choose one based on your own comfort.

Meditation Carrier Wave Technology

Alpha Brainwave Induction / Relaxation Focus and Awareness

The meditation carrier wave function of HEAR OTC Hearing Aids could be applied to your streaming music and video, it will induces alpha brainwaves, which will guide you to relax and stay focused while listening to your favorite songs.

AI Hearing-Aid Level Chip

Next-generation AI Hearing-Aid Level Chip,The processing efficiency is three times greater than typical consumer Bluetooth SoC

XROUND, in collaboration with Airoha and ASE, has jointly launched a brand new AI Bluetooth hearing-aid level chip. The processing efficiency is three times greater than typical consumer Bluetooth SoC. XROUND could run multiple AI hearing enhancement algorithms smoothly on HEAR, fulfilling the concept of "AI OTC Hearing Aids."

HEAR OTC Hearing Aid has a battery life of 8 to 32 hours


Dedicated Hearing Assistive Transmitter

Wireless Audio Mode

Wireless Microphone Mode

Hear OTC hearing aids additional accessories,dedicated hearing assistive transmitter


HEAR OTC Hearing Aids

HEAR - Bluetooth Audio Specifications
ColorIvory White / Silver Spark Black
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.2, Class 1
Supported Bluetooth CodeSBC, AAC
Frequency Response * BT Audio20 ~ 20000 Hz
Transducer7mm Monitor-Level Dynamic Driver
MicrophoneMEMS Mic. x 4 ※ Two Mic. Beamforing for anti-wind noise
Connection Distance15m / Maximum 80m with barrier free space
Battery Life
Media Streaming + Hearing Enhancement : 8 hrs * Earbuds only 32 hrs * plus Charging Case Hearing Enhancement : 10 hrs * Earbuds only 40 hrs * plus Charging Case
Port of Charging CaseInput : USB-C * Supports Qi Wireless Charging
Dust and Water ResistanceIP55
iOS & Android AppYES
HEAR - Hearing Aids Specifications
Multi-band WDRC16 Bands
Supports BT Audio StreamingYES * Can applied TailorID™ Pro Hearing Compensation
Supports Mobile Phone CallYES * Can applied TailorID™ Pro Hearing Compensation
Self-FittingYES via App / TailorID™ Pro
Maximum Output (OSPL90) 1/1.6/2.5kHz110 dB SPL
RTG32 dB
EIN16 dB
Hearing Senario7 Predifined Scenario Setting for Quick Switching
Frequency Response (Range of hearing enhancement)100 ~ 8000 Hz
Hearing Enhancement FilteringYES
Hearing SafetyAnti-Spike-Sound, Wind Noise Reduction, Anti-Feedback Control

Hearing Aids
Related Spec. Measurement 

Hear OTC hearing aids related spec measurement


Hearing Assistive Transmitter

Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.2
Supported DevicesPC, MAC, iPad, Switch, TV
Supported Bluetooth CodecAAC / SBC / LC3
ModeWireless Audio Mode / Wireless Microphone Mode
Connection Distance20m
Charging PortUSB-C
Battery Life7 hrs
ConnectingAudio Input : USB-C, AUX Audio Output : Bluetooth Audio
Sizes26mm x 47mm x 10mm

Packaging Contents

OTC hearing aid package content has 7 kinds of accessories, there are HEAR OTC Hearing Aids and Charging Cas

HEAR OTC Hearing Aids x 1

Charging Case x 1

15cm USB-C Charging Cable x 1

Comfort Ear Tips Set 

(S / M / L / XL sizes)

Boom Ear Tips Set

(S / M / L sizes)

Silicone Ear Fins (S / M / L) +
No Ear Fins Silicone Sleeves

Warranty Card and
Quick Start Guide

Packaging Contents of
Hearing Assistive Transmitter

Dedicated Hearing
Assistive Transmitter x 1

50cm 3.5mm
AUX Audio Cable x 1

50cm USB-C
Charging Cable x 1

Warranty Card and
Quick Start Guide

OTC hearing aid assistive transmitter package content has 4 kinds of accessories. Like charging cable, audio cable