The Concept of
FORGE NC Wireless Earbuds

We hope to create an earphone that can satisfy both high-intensity exercise and daily use at the same time. FORGE NC true wireless earphones have excellent multi-scene active noise reduction and transparency mode. The second-generation comfortable ergonomic design allows users to easily control the ambient volume, more comfortable to wear for a long time and enjoy supreme quality audio all day long.

Ambient Sound Control

Cancel the noise of the world, enjoy high quality of sound anywhere

Different from the stuffy feeling after wearing the general active noise-cancelling headphones, FORGE NC is equipped with a comfortable noise-cancelling algorithm, which minimizes the discomfort of noise-cancelling negative pressure, and can easily block external noise. Music quality is never compromised.

Transparency Mode

Multi-scene Transparency Mode

Users have the freedom to control how they listen to the world.

Clear presentation of external sounds

Enhances dialogue vocals only

Only remains equipment, foodsteps and clanking sounds

7 pairs of Ear Tip, 4 pairs of Ear Fin

For secure and comfort fitting

S / M / L / Null ear hook Four sizes, suitable for 99.9% of the ears. Providing a reliable and secure fit of wearing experiences.


Water and Dust Proof

Whether it's high-intensity training, windy or rainy, FORGE NC can accompany you to challenge the limit!

Exclusive Exercise Timer

Exclusive Countdown Timer

Rest Between Sets

MyTune APP
Easily access to countdown setting by tapping the earbuds

FORGE NC is equipped with the exclusive-exercise timer, just touch the earbuds to start the countdown. Whether it is rest between fitness training sessions, high-intensity interval training, running, or meditation, you can quickly start the countdown!

MyTune APP

Highly customizable.
Make a sound of your own

AI Auditory Analysis System

Measure your ears precisely for your own personalized hearing experience.

Multiband Equalizer

A variety of EQ equalizers are included, and you can freely adjust the listening feeling.

Highly Customizable Settings

Gives you alternative options of gesture control through the App.

Highly Customizable Settings

Gives you alternative options of gesture control through the App.

Single Ear Use

Single ear use for left or right earphone

High-quality Call Experience

Wind noise proof

Equipped with Qualcomm cVc8.0 + call anti-wind noise algorithm and dual microphones, you can make calls while cycling or running in the wind.

Multi connection

Connect to two devices at the same time, connect a laptop to listen to music, and you can also answer calls on a cell phone.

One Touch Mute

Touch to mute at your fingertips, a must-have for online meetings privacy.


SideTone enables you to hear your own voice at calling, reducing in-ear stuffy feeling and making long-term calls more comfortable.

Advanced Acoustic Technologies

TailorID AI Sound Personalization

Each person's sense of hearing is as unique as a fingerprint and changes with age. TailorID will measure the user's listening sensitivity. Through AI learning and compensating process the frequency band, you can tune your XROUND earphones to your own listening preference in just three easy steps.

XROUND 3D Acoustic Tuning Tech

Reverberation is key to the optimal sound experience. By using a 3D Cumulative Spectral Decay (CSD) plot to observe the reverberation, time data is added to the tuning of FORGE NC, allowing us to capture a much higher degree of fine details and provide sophisticated sound.

Composite titanium-coated driver

Through the multi-layer composite material and the high hardness of titanium, the transient response is better, the sound phase is more accurate, and it provides dense details, sound layering and earphone durability.

Qualcomm 5.2 Bluetooth

High quality and reliable connection

AptX adaptive codec

Up to 420 kbps / 24 bit, it can automatically adapt to various encoding rates according to the connection status, and maintain high-quality sound and high-stability transmission!

Up to 384 kbps / 16 bit

Up to 256 kbps / 16 bit

Qi Wireless Charging

Bluetooth Version Bluetooth® 5.2, Class 1
Bluetooth Codec SBC、AAC、aptX、aptX adaptive
Bluetooth Profile Support AVRCP1.6 / HSP1.2 / HFP1.7 / A2DP1.3.1
Ambient Sound Active Noise Cancelling、Hearthrough
Driver 7mm Composite Titanium-Plated Driver
Driver Sensitivity 100 dB
Frequency Response 20 - 20,000 Hz
Impedance 16 Ω
Microphone 4*MEMS (2*MEMS per side) , cVc 8.0
Wireless Range 15m / Up to 80m in the barrier-free space
Battery Life Playtime: 9 hours
(Total 32 hours with the charging case)
Charging Case Type Input: USB-C
※Support wireless charging meets Qi standard
Charging Time The Earbuds: 1.5 HR
with charging case: 1.5 hours
IP Rating IP67 (Earbuds only)
Weight Single earbud 5.44g / Charging case 41.54g

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