Dear customer:

Thank you for purchasing XROUND products. We fully believe that our products will fulfill all your needs and expectations. Should there be a problem, please read the warranty condition below:

XROUND Inc. warrants this product for one year from the original purchase date or shipment date, unused equipment by the first end-user.

If you register here for your purchase, your product will get an extra 6-month warranty extended.

Upon expiration of the 12 (or 18) month warranty period, XROUND no longer provides any repairs/replacements.

The warranty does not cover electrical or mechanical damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, or lack of reasonable care, damage due to force majeure or natural forces, or inadequate repairs performed by unauthorized service centers. This warranty does not cover batteries and wear of parts resulting from regular use.


If your product is within the 12 (or 18 - if you have completed Warranty Registration) month warranty periods, contact customer support to obtain warranty service via regional distributor by email ( with the title of "Warranty needed" to describe your issue with the product.

You must include the below details in your email.

  • Your details: full name, address, email address, telephone number, date of purchase, order channel(Amazon or Website), warranty number (stated on the warranty card), and a complete description of the problems you are experiencing. Proof of purchase may be required to verify eligibility.

Return shipments for this item for repair under this warranty will be at the customer's expense. You should ensure the shipment is appropriate because you are responsible for the product until it arrives at XROUND Inc.'s regional distributor. XROUND Inc.'s regional distributor will option, repair, or replace items returned for repair under this warranty.

Within the 12 (or 18) months warranty periods, if your product is determined defective by our Service Center due to

  • Improper materials or production fault,
    XROUND will not charge you for labor, parts, or repair. Complete replacement for defective products is at the discretion of XROUND.
  • Inflicted damage caused by reasons other than manufacturing default can replace your product at an additional service charge.

Upon expiration of the 12 (or 18) month warranty period, XROUND no longer provides any repairs/replacements.