Personalize the sound for you

Download the MyTune app to unleash the full potential of your XROUND earbuds, with functions such as the TailorID personalized hearing test, active noise cancellation and transparency mode adjustments, custom EQ settings, countdown gadget, and EQ Sharing. We create more than just earbuds. We redefine personalized listening experiences.

Feature 1

TailorID Hearing Test

Personalize your hearing profile

Just like your fingerprints, your hearing is unique and it changes with age. Through an objective assessment of how your ears perceive sounds, TailorID compensates your hearing curve and generates a unique hearing profile to bring your listening experience to the next level.

Feature 2

EQ Settings

Customize and save your hearing profile

MyTune includes many built-in EQ presets for you to try, or you can create your own and save it. When you're done, your earbuds will remember your settings.

Feature 3

Ambient Sound

Adjust the ambient sound in a delicate, stepless manner

Adjust the ambient sound in a delicate and stepless manner. Users have the freedom to control how they listen to the world.

Feature 4

EQ Sharing

Share your custom or TailorID-generated hearing profiles with others through a QR code, or experience exclusive hearing profiles created by professionals, musicians, or esports players. Join a community of music lovers built on top of unique hearing experiences.

EQ Sharing Process

Feature 5

Exclusive Exercise Timer

Best partner for the rest between sets

Just touch the earbuds to start the countdown, whether it is rest between fitness training sessions, high-intensity interval training, running, or meditation, you can quickly start the countdown!

Feature 6

Burn-in Gadget

Get the most out of your earbuds

The app sets exclusive audio files for XROUND earbuds. You only need to execute the burn-in gadget for one to two hours to finish burning in your earbuds!

Feature 7

Deep Customization

Customizable Gesture Control

Make your gesture intuitively.

Software / Firmware Update

Keep your XROUND earbuds up to date.

Side Tone Mic Monitoring

Adjust the volume of your voice during calls for maximum comfort.