Experience audio enhanced by the XROUND™ digital signal processing algorithm through headphones or stereo speakers. Press X to switch between modes.

*The true experience with XPUMP Premium would be far more powerful, as these audio recordings was generated from simulations.



The core DSP technology invented by Embrace Audio Lab, redefines the sound experience. With XROUND, any stereo sound source can be automatically transformed into a multi-channel home theater device. This process which traditionally requires complicated setups of up to 6 speakers or more. The XROUND algorithm analyzes and reconstructs sound waves in real time, providing the best performance in millisecond with just two speakers.

Brand Story

“XROUND” is an acoustic algorithm technology developed by Embrace Audio Lab. Through specific audio signal processing, it provides a home-theater sound surrounding experience through two-channel speakers. XROUND technology can not only detect but analyze tiny elements in the sound, connecting them with our hearing sense, and then recomposing it to a richer and more realistic sound experience. We expect to redefine hearing experiences and provide our customers with an enhanced immersive real-time feast!


Embrace Audio Lab Inc.

Embrace Audio Lab Inc. is founded by several passionate senior audio algorithm experts who specialize in acoustic engineering, digital signal processing algorithms, firmware, software and hardware integration. They have more than 10 years of experiences in acoustic product development and manufactured tens of millions of audio devices.



XROUND has launched campaigns on top crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter, Makuake and FlyingV. All of them has been extremely successful and shipped out within 3 months!