Our mission is to find the right sound for you. By constantly innovating sound technologies and customizing the user experience, we pride ourselves in redefining the sound and enhancing the audio experience.

XROUND is a brand founded by a group of earbuds/speaker audiophiles, with professional expertise in sound tuning, acoustic engineering, and acoustical product design. We have harnessed our digital audio R&D capabilities to create acoustic technologies, such as realistic sound algorithms, 3D acoustic tuning tech, and AI auditory analysis systems. By combining years of audio user experience design and an obsession for sound perfection, XROUND has developed many acclaimed audio products that continue to redefine sound experience.

Achieving that unique sound experience for each individual is at the core of XROUND products. We focus on how sound experience differs from person to person and we believe that finding the right sound for YOU will offer an immersive experience to audio entertainment and music beyond your listening imagination.

Patented XROUND™
Realistic Surround Sound System

AI Auditory Analysis System

Ambient Sound Control System

3D Acoustic Tuning Tech

Ergonomic Auditory Interface

Patented XROUND™ Realistic Surround Sound System

Unlike the conventional 2D surround sound technology, the patented XROUND™ audio algorithm dynamically simulates a 3D sound field. With the tap of a button, the XROUND™ Reality Sound System instantly morphs into a fully-immersive virtual reality, providing structural depth and width to capture the detailed nuances of direction and distance, making this 3D spherical surround system the ultimate feast for the ears.

Headphone mode/Speaker mode

Due to the differences between headphones and speakers in acoustical and listening conditions, the patented XROUND™ Realistic Sound System has two specific modes to optimize and cater to each listening experience.

XROUND™ Realistic Surround Sound System


A realistic sound algorithm system with an independent headphone mode algorithm that features low-power consumption and high efficiency. Perfectly adapted for small low-power consumption devices, such as wireless earbuds like the AERO True Wireless Earbuds.


An earbud/speaker algorithm that enhances the abundant details of the sound field and offers sound localization, as well as structural depth and width. Perfectly adapted for relatively high-performance systems, such as the XPUMP Premium, VOCA True Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds, and VOCA Max Active Noise Canceling Headphones.

XROUND TailorID AI Auditory Analysis System

People try to pursue audio quality by playing a tune on the device again and again to recreate the sound of live music. However, each individual perceives sound differently, and even when using the same headphones or speakers to play the same song brings a different experience. As an enthusiast, we usually replay the tune on multiple headphones and repeatedly adjust the EQ and other parameters in search of the finesse to find the sweet spot where musical wonders happen for oneself.

The XROUND TailorID AI Auditory Analysis System collects information from the ear canal reflection and the inner ear sounds by continuously releasing different frequency waves into the ear, corresponding with each user’s subjective feedback and judgment of each frequency. TailorID is capable of providing instant analysis of an individual user’s sensitivity to various frequency responses and hearing profiles to further customize their hearing experience accordingly, achieving the recreation of original sounds.

Professional Ambient Sound Control System

Since users wear true wireless headphones for long periods of time, in addition to listening to music, hearing ambient sounds or blocking ambient noise are also important functions of wireless Bluetooth earbuds! Providing outstanding and comfortable active noise cancellation, faithful recreation of ambient sounds, and a sound experience that will awe your ears, the XROUND Professional Ambient Sound Control System enables you to only hear the sounds that you want to hear. This is what distinguishes it from other systems.

Transparency mode

When using XROUND true wireless earbuds, users can adjust the volume of the ambient sound they want to listen to according to their own habits or environment. They can also set different ambient sound modes according to specific scenarios to only listen to the sounds they want, such as vocal enhancement and balance.

Hearing amplification

In addition, XROUND has professional equipment with hearing amplification technology for users with special hearing needs. It can simultaneously suppress noise, wind noise, and echoes, while amplifying the volume of a specific environment. It also has a surge suppression algorithm that protects users’ hearing while amplifying ambient sounds when encountering instantaneous explosive sounds from the environment. This enables users to hear any sound in the environment, i.e., giving them super hearing.

Adaptive active noise cancellation

The adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC) of XROUND is different from most active noise cancellation technologies, which give a feeling of pressure in the ears. XROUND’s noise cancellation technology can make instant dynamic adjustments to the intensity of noise cancellation and noise modes based on the volume of ambient sounds and types of noises. It can also minimize the discomfort of negative pressure from noise cancellation, while easily blocking out external noises, enabling you to focus and enjoy music to the maximum wherever you are.

XROUND 3D Acoustic Tuning Tech

We believe that the most critical key to the quality sound derives not from the frequency, but rather from reverberation. XROUND incorporates the important variable of time, to all its products when it comes to sound-tuning. By using a 3D Cumulative Spectral Decay (CSD) plot to observe the reverberation, XROUND audio products capture a much higher degree of fine detail. For example, low-frequency linear diffusion provides a clear bass, the low latency of the mid-frequency reduces harsh sounds to the ear, appropriate reverberation at the high-frequency provides a better sense of spatial perception.

XROUND Ergonomic Auditory Interface

Most audio products on the market are solely focused on hardware, specifications, transmission protocol, seldom do they emphasize the importance of the overall user experience. With many years working in the field of headphones, speakers, amplifiers, and other audio devices, it was clear that the unique ergonomic auditory fit plays an integral role in affecting the individual listening experience.

The delicate balance between ‘weight distribution’, ‘angling design’, ‘material selection’, ‘electroacoustic mechanism’, and ‘ergonomics’ will ultimately affect the quality of sound and audio experience. These specific areas are where we’re devoted to achieving the ideal ergonomic auditory interface and part of our obsession for audio quality.